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FunMax 11pcs NFC Tag Game Cards for Switch Fire Emblem:Three Houses

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  • FunMax 11pcs NFC Cards for Switch Fire Emblem:Three Houses

  • The amiibo nfc cards Compatible with Switch, Wii U and New 3DS console.
  • Each card has a transparent plastic protective case.
  • Coin size: round card diameter is only 1.13 inch, compact and convenient.
  • Set of 11 nfc cards amiibo with a transparent box.
  • Third-party amiibo nfc cards. Not the Amibo, same effects.
  • How to use nfc cards amiibo (Quick Guide):

    1. Go to the Amibo gazebo.

    2. Go to the checkpoint, and place nfc cards switch on the device.

    3. It will unlock the soundtrack and premium items.

    Here is a list of the tracks each Fire Emblem Cards will give you:

    Marth - The Time to Act

    Ike - Eternal Bond

    Robin - Id (Purpose)

    Lucina - Conquest (Ablaze)

    Roy - Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage)

    Alm - March to Deliverance

    Celica - With Mila's Divine Protection

    Corrin (Male) - Alight (Storm)

    Corrin (Female) - A Dark Fall (Fire)

    Chrom - Destiny (Ablaze)

    Tiki - The World Tree

    Quick Tips for you:

    • NFC Cards Amiibo are different design with the amibos, so we made a digital manual, you can download and find which card corresponding easily.
    • You can change the battle music to your new soundtrack.
    • High-Quality NFC N215 Tag, the theoretical life of our chip will last for 20 years.

    NFC Cards Switch Package Include:

    • 11Pcs NFC Amiibo NFC Cards
    • Crystal Case for all Cards
    • Digital User Manual Card
    • SSB Theme Thumbstick Cap for Nintendo Switch

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